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Vani Sateesh Carnatic Vocal Concert

Vani Sateesh Carnatic Vocal Concert
19.04.09 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Vidushi Vani SateeshVocal
Vidwan SateeshViolin
Vidwan B.C.ManjunathMridangam
Vidwan Tumkur B.Shashishankar


Vidushi Vani Sateesh, an accomplished carnatic singer, hailing from a family of reputed musicians, presented a vocal concert for Nadasurabhi, on Sunday, the 19th of April.  She was accompanied on the violin by Vidwan Mysore Sateesh , on the Mridangam by Vidwan B.C. Manjunath and Vidwan Tumkur B. Shashishankar  played on the Ghatam. Opening the concert with the Navaragamalika varnam in Aditala in two speeds, Vani set a firm beginning for her 2 1/2 hour rendition.  Having been trained initially under musical gaints like Bellary Seshagiri Achar and Bellary Venkatesh Achar, she secured a good grip over the traditional way of presenting the ragas and the compositions.  Her great talent was further nurtured and polished by the eminent musician and teacher, Padmabhushan Vidwan P.S. Narayanaswamy.  The quality of training has helped her embellish her sangatis in the compositions, right proportion of presenting raga alapanas and swaraprasthara.

Concert Review

Her presentation of Subbarama Dikshitar’s ‘Janani’ in  Ritigowla raga was very soothing.  She presented raga alapana for Latangi for the kriti ‘Marivere dikkevaru…’ followed by a detailed swaraprasthara which was of a high standard.  Her main piece for the day was Karaharapriya.  The raga presentation was planned very well and sancharas were good.  The grand kriti of St. Thyagaraja, ‘Chakkani raja’ was excellent.  Neraval  at ‘kantiki sundara’ was expected, but the artist just wound up with swaras, which was not too elaborate yet, convincingly detailed. Her rich voice which could traverse in the three octaves with much ease made her rendition of songs and ragas very pleasant and melodious.  She presented a few more pieces like ‘Ma Ramanan’ in Hindolam, ‘Tatwameruga’ in Garudadhwani, and a few devaranamas, and concluded the concert.  Her traditional style of presentation was highly appreciated.

Vidwan  Mysore Sateesh on the violin, also Vani’s life partner provided a very good support.  His presentation was balanced and  style was good.

Young Manjunath on the mridangam along with yet another young artist Tumkur Shashishankar on ghatam followed the main artist’s rhythmic patterns perfectly.  They both played a very good ‘tani avartanam’, which was vibrant and vivacious.
The concert was well attended and appreciated whole heartedly by one and all.