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Karnataka Vaibhava 3 Day Fetival on 15,16,17th August 2014

Karnataka Vaibhava 3 Day Fetival on 15,16,17th August 2014
15.08.14 - 17.08.14 06.00 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Third Karnataka Vaibhava Festival of Music  - 2014



Festival Review


Nadasurabhi Karnataka Vaibhava - A unique event on Indian Classical Music.




On Independence Day this year and the weekend that followed, Nadasurabhi brought a unique festival of music. Just as the title suggests, Karnataka vaibhava highlighted the significant contribution of today's Karnataka state, to the development of Indian Classical Music. The beginning of carnatic music lessons to any student is with the varisais (swara sequences) in the raga mayamalavagowla followed by alankarams, geethams and swarajathis as framed and popularised by Sangeetha Pitamaha Purandara Dasa. Although he belongs to Karnataka, his work is everlasting and his reach is global. There are numerous composers and musicians from Karnataka who have similarly enriched the field of Indian Classical music over centuries.

In the three day Karnataka Vaibhava of Nadasurabhi there were three music concerts where in the compositions of prominent karnataka Composers were presented. Vidwan S.Shankar, on Independence Day and presented both rare and popular compositions of Mysore Vasudevachar, Bidaram Krishnappa, B.K.Padmanabha Rao, Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar, Jaya Chamarajendra Wodeyar, Y.K.Srikantaiah, Veena Seshanna and so on. The main ragam chosen was saveri and the kriti chosen for elaboration Sree Kaamakoti peetaasthithe by Mysore Sadashiva Rao. Sri.Shankar also sang Vande Mataram, a kannada adaptation by Sri.D.V.Gundappa, being Independence day. Accompanying artists were Kum. H.M.Smitha on violin, B.R.Srinivas on mridangam and Ranganath Chakravarthy on Ghatam who gave able support to the main artist.


On Saturday, 16th August Bangalore Brothers, Hariharan and Ashok presented an energy packed concert. They were accompanied by veteran violinist C.N.Chandrasekhar, Shiva shankara swamy on mridangam and Bhagyalakshmi Krishna on morsing. They took songs from a wide range of carnatic composers. their main item was the monumental work of Syama Shastri, the Todi swarajathi "raave himagirikumari". They also added an elaborate raga alapana, neraval and swara kalpana to the song and took the concert to a grand level.



The final concert on Sunday, 17th August 2014 was by Smt.Vani Sateesh from the Bellary baani of music and was accompanied by Mathur Srinidhi on violin, Cheluvaraju on mridangam and Ranganatha Chakravarthy on Ghatam. Vani has a very melodious voice, musical perfection, high creativity, flawless rendering and above all an absolute saahitya spashtam (clarity in the pronunciation of the lyrics). She qualifies to be in the top rung of carnatic music in any environment and proved to be a truly global musician. She rendered all songs by Karnataka composers and included those of Veena Krishnamachari, Bellary Seshagiri Achar besides, Kanakadas, Basavanna, Mysore Vasudevachar and Purandara Dasa. She took Kamboji raga for elaboration and the song was "ratna kanchuka dhaarini", a composition of Muthiah Bagavathar.





Overall, in this third year of karnataka vaibhava the artists brought forward the depth and width of Karnataka composers and their contribution to carnatic music.




Karnataka Kalaashri

Vidwan Bangalore S.Shankar               Vocal

Vidushi H.M.Smitha                             Violin

Vidwan B.R.Srinivas                            Mridangam

Vidwan Ranganatha Chakravarthy   Ghatam


Sri.S.Shankar is a senior carnatic vocalist with over 40 years of concert experience. He has performed in almost all leading sabhas in India and has had several international concert tours. He is an A TOP artist of AIR and DD. He has trained numerous students who are themselves performing artists today. He has been honoured by leading music organizations with titles and awards including Sangeetha Saraswathi and Kala Bhushana. He has given several Jugalbandi concerts with leading Hindusthani vocalists as well.


Vidushi H.M.Smitha is a talented young violinist. Sri.B.R.Srinivas and Sri.R.Chakravarthy are highly accomplished percussion artists.





16th August 2014- Saturday


6.00 PM


            This concert is held in association with

Suswaralaya College of Music, Jayanagar, Bangalore


Bangalore Brothers

Vidwans  M.B.Hariharan and S.Ashok        Vocal Duet

Vidwan C.N.Chandrasekhar                         Violin

           Vidwan H.L.Shivashankara Swamy             Mridangam

            Vidushi Bhagyalakshmi Krishna                 Morsing  



Sri.Hariharan and Sri.Ashok are students of Vidwan H.S.Sudhindra. Both are Post Graduate degree holders in Carnatic music (M-Music) from University of Madras. They also got the 1st Rank in their Vidwath examination.


They have performed on many prestigious platforms. They have recently been awarded the Yuva Puraskara by Ananya. They have played a major role in the publication of Ugabhoga Darpana – A Collection of more than 830 Ugabhogas of Haridasas. They are B High artists of AIR.


Sri.C.N.Chandrasekhar , a disciple of Sri.M.S.Gopalakrishnan, is a leading violinist in Karnataka. Sri. Shivashankara Swamy is a well known mridangam vidwan from Mysore. Smt.Bhagyalakshmi is the daughter and disciple of veteran morsing maestro Sri.Bhimachar.