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Sunil Gargyan vocal concert on 17th December 2017

17.12.17 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Vidwan Sunil S Gargyan                                   -Vocal

Vidwan M.P.Aditya                                             -Violin

Vidwan Vinod Shyam Anoor                             - Mridangam

Vidwan Sunaad Anoor                                        - Ghatam


 Concert Review:



Nadasurabhi opened their Silver Jubilee Celebrations with an impressive concert by a young artist on Sunday 17th December,2017.


Sunil Gargyan, an upcoming vocalist from Chennai is as young as 22 years, but his skill as a performing artist seems to be quite matured for his age!  He treated every raga and song with rich ‘manodharma’.  His concert had a good balance with regard to the choice of ragas, songs and the tempo of singing.


In the beginning the Abhogi varna – Evaari bodhana and the thiruppavai of the day ‘Vaiyathu vaazh veergaal’ seemed little amateurish, but the Begada alapana that followed assured the audience that he was a capable and creative artist, particularly when he presented Vadiraja’s  composition ‘Loka bharithano…’ with crisp swaras for the pallavi.  Bhajare re manasa in Karnataka Devagandhari had some beautiful sangathis which were refreshing.  His best came out during the elaboration of raga Varali for ‘Mamava meenakhi’  Neraval at ‘Shaame shankari’ was very pleasing  with a brilliant swara prasthara that followed.  A fast ‘Ninnade nela’ in Kannada raga was followed by the main piece in Kapi.  Raga alapana was good with all the rare usages with no slips.  But a few usages here and there didn’t fit in to Kapi!  ‘Inta soukya mani’ was sung with all ‘soukya’ at a very soothing, slow pace.  Neraval at ‘swara raga sudha rasa…’ was done very well.  Swaras were entertaining and not too elaborate.  After the tani avartanam a ‘Ugabhoga’ of Purandaradasa in Ragamalikai was appealing.  The song that followed was ‘Kandena udupiya krishnana’.  A thillana in raga Kamach composed by Patnam Subramanya Iyer and a mangalam were the last two items.  Over all it was a good concert.  His voice is powerful and has grace.  Control over the voice is good though laya seemed to be little shaky in some places.  He is a promising artist with a great potential.

M.P. Aditya on violin was highly supportive.  His Begada and Kapi were good.  On the percussion Vinod Shyam and Sunaad were brilliant.  Their support throughout was highly appreciable and enhanced the concert quality.  Their anticipation and calculation were good. Tani avartanam was vibrant and had an electrifying effect.

The whole team contributed to the success of the concert.




1.  Evvari bodhana                   Varnam               Abhogi

2.  Vaiyyathu vaazhveerhal     Thiruppavai        Gowlai

3.  Lokabharithano                                              Begada  (R,S)

4.  Bhajare re manasa                                          Karnataka Devagandhari

5.  Mamava meenakshi                                        Varali (R, N&S – Shame shankari)

6.  Ninnada nela                                                  Kannada (S)

7.  Intasoukya mani ne                                        Kapi (R, N&S – Swara raga) TANI

8.  Badavarolage..                   Ugabhoga            Ragamalikai

9.  Kandena Udupiya                                           Brindavana saranga

10. Tam tam udani                   Thillana                Kamach

11. Mangalam

Sri. Sunil Gargyan is a disciple of senior guru Sri.P.S.Narayanaswamy. He is also learning mridangam. He has won several prestigious awards from institutions like Music Academy, Krishna Gana Sabha in Chennai and Shanmukhananda sabha in Mumbai. He has participated and won in many music competitions. He won over 50 prizes in competitions held during the Music Season in Chennai in just one year. He is a graded artist of All India Radio.


Sri. Aditya, Sri. Vinod Shyam and Sri. Sunaad is the youth brigade of Bengaluru who are going from strength to strength in concert circles. They are bringing about several new initiatives which are both innovative and entertaining.