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Pattabhirama Pandit on 21st April 2019

21.04.19 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Grand Carnatic Vocal Concert

Pattabhirama Pandit- Charulatha Ramanujam- HS Sudhindra- Giridhar Udupa

Concert Review



1.  Vanajaksha -Ata tala Varnam -Kalyani

2.  Mokshamu galada -  Saramathi (S @ pallavi)

3.  Ramanatham Bhajeham - Panthuvarali (R,N & S @ Kumara Guruguha)

4.  Annapoorne  Vishalakshi - Sama

5.  MAIN: Nannu paalimpa -Mohanam (R,N & S @ karamuna shara)  

6.   Tani Avartanam.  

7.  Dasanaguvudakke….Ugabhoga - Dharmavathi

Followed by RTP – Dasa shreshta Dayanidhim

Chaturashra Triputa ,2 kale, Ragamalika swaram in five ghana ragas.

8.  Innu daya baarade -  Kalyana Vasantha

9.  Kandu dhanya naade preceded by Ugabhoga -Behag

10.  Niri niri gamagarisa   Thillana - Purvi

11. Pavamana , Mangalam kosalendraya - Sourashtra, Madhyamavathi   


Vidwan Pattabhirama Pandit, gave a vocal concert for Nadasurabhi on 21st April, Sunday at Indian Heritage Academy.  With his long training under the stalwart, Vidwan Palghat K.V. Narayanaswamy, he had a good understanding of presenting the sahitya in a very relaxed, pleasant manner.  His rendering of the songs was soulful and comforting.  The ragas were handled in a leisurely way with all nuances perfectly placed.  Though the presentation of ragas and songs were in a slow tempo, swara prasthara was in full speed and energetic.  He proved to be a seasoned artist, maintaining a perfect sruthi and uniform tempo throughout.  There was absolutely no faltering any where and his total involvement and commitment to the music was evident on the stage. 

Charulatha Ramanujam on the violin followed him beautifully throughout the concert.  Her handling of ragas were so melodious and in sync with the ‘bhava’ of the singer. 

H.S. Sudhindra  on his mridangam provided excellent support following the main artist like a shadow and produced wonderful effect for all the nuances brought out by the singer.

Giridhar Udupa on ghatam was extraordinary.  He had a perfect understanding of the artists’ mind set and came up with suitable strokes.

The ‘Tani Avartanam’ was brilliant and the duo were at the height of their creativity.

On the whole it was a very good concert, attended and appreciated by large numbers.