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Veena Concert by Smt.Shubha Santhosh on 19th September 2010

Veena Concert by Smt.Shubha Santhosh on 19th September 2010
19.09.10 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Vidushi  Shubha Santhosh  Veena 
Vidwan M.R.Sainath  Mridangam 
Vidwan Dayananda Mohithe    Ghatam


Smt. Shubha Santhosh is one of the popular Veena artists in Bangalore. With the qualification of Vidwat in Veena, she has received several accolades for her performances. Some of the awards received by Smt.Shubha include the Best Instrumentalist Award from Gayana Samaja for the Year 2007, Lalitha Padmanabhan  Award from Narada Gana Sabha – Chennai, “Ananya Pratibhe” Award for the year 2004 and  “Sangeetha Kousthubha” Award for the year 2006. She is a graded artist of All India Radio. She has also released several audio CDs.

Concert Review

For the fifth consecutive year a monthly concert was conducted by Nadasurabhi with the support of Vidwan H.S.Sudhindra's Suswaralaya College of Music. Smt. Shubha Santhosh's veena performance was  quite appealing. Chalamela varnam in Natta kuranji gave her a good start.  Sreemaha Ganapathi in Gowla with a short swara prasthara and a fast Varanarada in Vijayasree with good sangathis reflected her high confidence level. Kedaragoula raga presentation was neat and compact and was followed by Thyagaraja's Venuganaloluni.  Shubha started off Simhendramadhyama with a breeze and the composition Ninne Nammithi of Mysore Vasudevacharya was treated with grace.  She did neraval at anupallvi - pannagendra shayana, followed by kalpana swaras. A brisk 'Tarakka Bindige' of Purandarasa was  welcome at that juncture and Meevalla gunadosha of Thyagaraja was yet another fast presentation which set the ground for RTP.  Following the tradition to present it in the raga with which she started the varnam, she selected Natakuranji for RTP.  She presented ghanaraga malika thana and also attempted gaja thana, chakra thana, ashwa thana and manduka thana and throughout she paid full concentration and her dedication to the concert was evident in all aspects.  The pallavi 'Nattai kurinji enbaar....' in Tamil was set to Adi tala and in 2 kalais.  The ragamalika swara included Nattai, kurinji, vasantha,bhairavi,mohana, todi,kalyani and a few more apart from nattaikurinji.  Hamsanandi Thillana marked the end of the concert with Neenamarupa for mangalam.  Shubha is a very humble, enthusiastic and committed young artist, who has a great potential of shaping up as a very successful musician.  Vidwan M.R. Sainath a senior artist working with AIR was on the Mridangam and yet another veteran artist Vidwan Dayananda Mohite played on Ghatam.  Both of them gave very good support to the main artist and made it a good programme.

List of Songs:
1. Chalamela Varnam ----- Nattakurinji ---- Adi
2. Sreemahaganapathi --  Gowla        ---- Misra Chapu ---- Muthuswamy Dikshitar
3. Varanarada           ----  Vijayasree   ---- Adi             ----Thyagaraja
4. Venuganaloluni    -----  Kedaragoula ---  Rupakam   ----  Thyagaraja
5. Ninnenammithi ----  Simhendra Madhyamam ----Misra Chapu --- Vasudevachar
6. Tarakka Bindige   ----   Thilang ----       Adi (tisra nadai) ---Purandaradasa
7. Meevalla      -----          Kapi     ----    Khanda Chapu ----Thyagaraja
8. RTP            ----           Nattaikurinji     ----- Adi (2kale)
9. Thillana       -----           Hamsanandi     ----- Adi
10.Neenamarupa(mangalam) ---- Sourashtra    ---- Adi