Nadasurabhi Cultural Association located in Koramangala, Bangalore is in the forefront of promoting Classical Carnatic Music. Nadasurabhi conducts the highest quality music concerts every month and a week-long Annual Festival in November, free of charge to all rasikas. Our other events include a youth festival, Thyagaraja and Purandaradasa Aradhana, and music competitions for children.

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Raman V.K. Flute Concert

Raman V.K. Flute Concert
17.05.09 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Vidwan V.K.Raman Flute
Vidwan Mysore V Srikanth
Vidwan Tumkur B RavishankarMridangam
Vidwan Guruprasanna


Sri.V.K.Raman hails from a family of musicians and has had intensive training from Flute Maestro Padmasri Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr.N.Ramani. He has represented Indian Music in Music Festivals held in the USA, Canada, UK, and many countries in Europe and Asia. He is currently settled in the USA training many students in carnatic music besides presenting solo and jugalbandi programmes to audiences all over the globe.


Concert Review

Vidwan V.K.Raman, one of the senior disciples of Flute maestro Sangeeta Kalanidhi Dr.N.Ramani, gave a flute recital for Nadasurabhi as part of their monthly programme on 17th May 2009 at the Indian Heritage Academy Hall. His mellifluous rendition spoke of his great talent and high level of practice and control over the instrument.
He started the concert with the evergreen varnam 'Valachi'in 'Navaragamalikai'. 'Srimahaganapathe' in 'Nattai' came in with brief but pleasant swaraprasthara. His presentation of ragas were crisp and full of emotional content. 'Entha muddo' of Thyagaraja in'Bindumalini' was very soothing.  He elaborated  ragas 'Latangi' and 'Karaharapriya' and chose the latter  as main  piece of the day and presented the popular composition'Chakkaniraja' attributed to Thyagaraja. Neraval at 'Kantikisundara' followed by long swara patterns were as expected and upto the standard.  The tale enders  like 'Baro krishnaiah', 'Pibare rama rasam', 'Pillangovia chelva krishnana' came out with full melody and  the instrument seemed  very appropriate for those songs. Vidwan Raman concluded the concert with a 'thillana' in 'Behag'.

He was supported on the violin by his brother, a most sought after violinist, Vidwan Mysore V.Srikanth.  His following was excellent and at times even superseded that of the flutist.  The two young percussionists, Vidwan Tumkur B. Ravishankar on the Mridangam abd Vidwan G.Guruprasanna on the Khanjira gave  very good support and also displayed their superb talent during the 'tani avartanam'.  

As usual, the concert was well attended and the performance of the artists was appreciated by one and all.

Entry is free for all Nadasurabhi Programmes.

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