Nadasurabhi Cultural Association located in Koramangala, Bangalore is in the forefront of promoting Classical Carnatic Music. Nadasurabhi conducts the highest quality music concerts every month and a week-long Annual Festival in November, free of charge to all rasikas. Our other events include a youth festival, Thyagaraja and Purandaradasa Aradhana, and music competitions for children.

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Vidwan Rama Varma Lec-Dem on Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna

15.07.18 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Nadasurabhi Silver Jubilee Celebrations (1993-2018)

Carnatic Music Lecture - Demonstration

By  Vidwan Sri. Rama Varma

on  "The Genius of Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna's music"

Sri. Rama Varma's wit and wisdom enthrals Nadasurabhi audience

This being the Silver Jubilee year for Nadasurabhi, right from the beginning of the year special concerts and programmes are being arranged.  One such programme was the Lecture-Demonstration on “The Genius of Dr. Balamurali Krishna’s music” delivered by Vidwan Rama Varma who was one of the foremost disciples of the legend.  Since this is the birth month of the legendary musician Balamurali Krishna, it was only apt to have a programme in his memory. The programme was held on Sunday, 15th July 2018 at The Indian Heritage Academy Hall.  Sri Rama Varma spent about 18 years with his guru and has not only fully imbibed his music but also recorded every special moment he had with him.  He is one of the rare disciples of Balamuralikrishna (BMK) who has learnt most of his compositions directly from his guru, and he is undoubtedly an authority on them.  Sri Rama Varma, talking about the various facets of the genius, gave an account of his rich experience with his Guru.  He had with him some of his students to join him in demonstrating some special compositions of BMK.   Rama Varma who initially approached Dr. Balamurali Krishna, with an intention of learning just a few specific songs from him directly, was attracted by the creative genius of the maestro and continued to stay with him to learn more.  He could not let go of the treasure trove of knowledge he saw in BMK. It is well known that BMK was hailed as a child prodigy and his concerts were always in great demand, and that he had  a great fan following. But only those who got closer to him could understand and appreciate the ingenuity of his unparalleled musical talent.  Sri Rama Varma during his 3 hour lec dem   explained the specialities of his compositions.  The features in his ‘varnas’, which were very different from the existing ones, the beauty of the lyrics in many of the kirtanams, the rhythm in his ‘Thillanas’  and such other aspects were first explained, then he demonstrated them by singing along with his students.  Sri Rama Varma himself being a very intelligent musician with a great capacity to learn, to remember, reproduce and even imitate, shared his experiences with BMK, as a disciple, friend and well wisher.  As a scholar and a highly knowledgeable person he could analyse and interpret every composition of BMK in a highly intellectual way.  He could present many of his conversations with his guru in a most interesting way. 

He also presented compositions of Annammacharya, Kaiwara Narayana and many other saints which were tuned by BMK.  Mention was made about many other composers whose compositions were also set to tune by his guru.  The great maestro’s approach to ‘ragas’, ‘alapana’, treatment of ‘sahitya’, his method of keeping the ‘tala’ were all explained neatly. 

Over all it was an interesting, intellectual, educative, humorous programme which was enjoyed by one and all.  There was an overwhelming response to the programme with the hall fully packed and dozens of them sitting outside.

Vidwan Sri. Rama Varma is one of the most popular Carnatic vocalists. Besides being a performing artist he has carved a niche for himself as an admired guru, learned musicologist, interesting writer and an illuminating, entertaining speaker. YouTube videos of his concerts, classes and lecdems are popular among music lovers, music students and professional musicians alike, and have exceeded 50 lakh (5 million) views.

Sri. Rama Varma, fell in love with music at an early age. He learnt music directly from Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna for many years and has gone on to become one of his foremost disciples. Besides vocal music, Sri.Rama Varma is also an eminent vainika.

Sri. Rama Varma himself organises two major music events in Thiruvananthapuram. The Swathi Sangeethotsavam, is a 10-day annual festival held at the Kuthira Malika in Thiruvananthapuram  featuring concerts of South Indian and North Indian Classical Music. The other major series is held during Navarathri every year in the Navrathri Mandapam. He is a indeed a worthy descendent of his illustrious predecessor Maharaja Swathi Thirunal who is described as the 

“Prince among musicians and a Musician among Princes”

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