Nadasurabhi Cultural Association located in Koramangala, Bangalore is in the forefront of promoting Classical Carnatic Music. Nadasurabhi conducts the highest quality music concerts every month and a week-long Annual Festival in November, free of charge to all rasikas. Our other events include a youth festival, Thyagaraja and Purandaradasa Aradhana, and music competitions for children.

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Bharatanatyam- Kumaris Krithika, Lakshmi, Shreegowri and Priya

Bharatanatyam- Kumaris Krithika, Lakshmi, Shreegowri and Priya
21.02.10 04.15 pm - 05.45 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Kumari Krithika Radhakrishnan  Bharatanatyam 
Kumari Lakshmi Ramesh Bharatanatyam 
Kumari Shreegowri Bhat Bharatanatyam 
Kumari Priya Radhakrishnan Bharatanatyam
Smt. Sumitra Nitin Choreography, Nattuvangam and Vocal
Smt. Sujatha Vijayaraghavan Vocal support
Sri Lingaraj  Mridangam
Sri H.R.Narasimhamurthy Flute 
Sri Anand Viswanathan Violin 

The most colourful event in the three day Youth Festival was the grand Bharathanatyam recital by Kumaris Krithika, Lakshmi, Priya and Shreegowri. The subtleties in movement of a well trained dancer, the perfection in demonstrating various mudras  the contrasting expressions during role playing (abhinaya) were well brought out by the four dancers. The natural exuberance and beauty of youth of these children permeated and exemplified the entire performance. Guru Vidushi Sumitra Nitin along with her mother Vidushi Sujatha Vijayaraghavan, had spared no effort in making the programme a grand success. The vocal music performance, along with complex korvais of Jathi rendition, choreography and nattuvangam by Sumitra received repeated applause. Items presented included the Purandaradasa's Satata Gananatha, followed by the complex Mandooka Shabdam in Ragamalika. Thyagaraja's masterpiece Sadhinchane got the pride of place wih elaborate scope of story telling using the medium of Bharathanatyam. The final piece in Suruti included a tillana and gave ample opportunity for demonstrating different dance formations in quick succession. Accompanying Sumitra and Sujatha were Sri. Lingaraj on Mridangam, H.R.Narasimhamurthy on Flute and Anand Viswanathan on violin.

List of Songs

1. Satatha Gananatha - Mohanam- Khanda Chapu- Purandaradasa
2. Mandooka Shabdam- Raagamalikai- Misra Chapu
3. Sadinchane- Arabhi- Adi
4. Smarisuva Janakella- Suruti- Adi
5. Thillana- Suruti


Entry is free for all Nadasurabhi Programmes.

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