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Kalaimamani Smt.Suguna Purushothaman on 15th August 2010

Kalaimamani Smt.Suguna Purushothaman on 15th August 2010
15.08.10 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Vidushi Suguna Purushothaman  Vocal 
Vidushi Charulatha Ramanujam  Violin 
Vidwan Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma  Mridangam 
Vidwan Vyasa Vittala Khanjira 

Sangeetha Choodamani Kalaimamani Smt. Suguna Purushothaman presents a concert on the Special Compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar on the 15th of August 2010. She is a prominent musician from the Musiri Sishya Parampara. An uncompromising singer of the pristine style of Carnatic music, her career spans over 40 years. Her style of singing incorporates the Bhava laden manodharma of Musiri Subramania Iyer and the sparkling authority of Semmangudi Sri.R.Srinivasa Iyer. A specialist in the rendition of Ragam Tanam Pallavi, Smt.Suguna Purushothaman specialises in singing rare and difficult Pallavis including Dwitala Avadhana (singing with 2 different talams on either hands) which has fetched her numerous accolades from eminent organizations all over the world. She is an A-Top artist with AIR, a respected and beloved performer, a successful guru and a prolific composer. She has won numerous awards from Central and State governments. Awards from Madras Music Academy alone include those for Vaggeyakara (Composer), Bodhaka (guru), Best Senior Musician,  Best Pallavi- 4 years and MLV award. She has to her credit several musical productions as well.

Full Concert Review

Vidushi Suguna Purushothaman's concert for Nadasurabhi was on Special compositions of Muthuswamy Dikshitar. Her specialization in kritis of various vaggeyakaras was reason enough for presenting this special programme.  At the outset she mentioned that each one of the compositions of Dikshitar is special in  its own way.  Yet some are marked  as special due to specific reasons, like they are group kritis like the Navavarana kritis, Vibhakti kritis, Abhayamba kritis or they are special because they are styled in the Hindustani raga pattern or in a particular raga that is the only kriti available and so on.

She started with   Sri Mahaganapathiravatu maam in raga Goule which marked as an invocation, for, this is the song with which Dikshitar starts his Navavarana kritis. Next she presented  Akhilandeshwariyai  in Arabhi raga.  This is one of Dikshitar’s Devi kritis.  Here Akhilandeshwari is the diety for Trilokya Mohana Chakra.  Sree Swaminathaya namaste in Kamach followed next.  This was on Lord Subrahmanya composed at Swamimalai.  Next piece was in Hindolam a song composed in drupad style by Dikshitar.  This was due to his training in Hindustani ragas and long exposure to North Indian music when he was at Kasi.  He was also deeply influenced and impressed by the melody of Hindustani ragas.  Vidushi Suguna presented the raga alapana using the sancharas that were documented in Sangita Sampradaya Pradarshini  of Subbarama Dikshitar, as how Dikshitar originally meant the ragam and the song was also presented in the same way in a slow tempo filled with melody.

The next piece, Muraharena Mukundena is supposed to be the only composition in Suddha Mukhari which the artist presented with a neat sketch of the raga. The raga is a janya of 1st mela – Kanakambari, which takes all sudda swaras.  And she said the presentation was already certified as perfect by the stalwart vidwan Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer many years ago!  Demonstrating that Dikshitar did not just ahere to the usual Adi, Rupaka and Chapu talas, she presented a kriti in Matya tala which was in praise of Ambal.  The kriti was Balambike paahi in Manoranjani raga, once again a very rare raga, yet another speciality of Dikshitar – to compose in  rare ragas.  Raga mukhari was selected as the main for the day.  She chose Pahimam Ratnachala Nayaka –requesting the lord of Ratnachala to protect  his devotees.  This was followed by swaraprathara and a neat tani avartanam by Vidwans Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma (mridangam) and Vyasa Vittala (khanjira).  The artist was very well supported by Vidushi Charulatha Ramanujam on the violin.  The concert concluded with Paaduvome, a patriotic song of Subramanya Bharati, as it happened to be Independence Day.  The program was well attended.  At the back was a video show of the details of the kritis presented like, the lyrics, the place where it was composed, the deity in whose praise it was composed and the chakra it represented and so on.  This was a good job done by Smt. Kumuda and Sri Sampath.


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