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Sankaran Namboothiri on 19th June 2011

Sankaran Namboothiri on 19th June 2011
19.06.11 04.15 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Vidwan Sankaran Namboothiri  Vocal
Vidushi Charulatha Ramanujam Violin
Vidwan H.S.Sudhindra Mridangam
Vidushi Sukanya Ramgopal Ghatam

Sankaran Namboothiri is a Carnatic classical music vocalist from Kerala. Renowned as a child prodigy, he started learning music at the tender age of ten under the tutelage of Sri C. S. Narayanan Namboothiri. He went on to pursue his training under the able guidance of stalwarts like Sri T. V. Gopalakrishnan, Prof. Mavelikkara R. Prabhakara Varma, and Palakkad V. Narayana Swamy. Sri Sankaran Namboothiri began performing at the age of eleven and by the time he was thirteen, he had already taken the famous musical sabhas by storm. When he was eleven years old, he gave a concert for the then Indian president Mr. Zail Singh.

Sri Namboothiri has a master's degree in Music. He has not only performed in all the major centers in India but has also given concerts outside in USA, France, Germany, UK, Switzerland and Holland.Sri Namboodiri has received many honors and titles. They include Yuva Kala Bharathi by Bharat Kalachar (Chennai), Ganamrutha Surabhi by Sree Vidya Peetam (Kallidaikurichi, Thirunevlveli). He has to his credit several Cassettes and CDs released by HMV, Sangeetha, AVM, etc. He is also a well-known playback singer in Malayalam cinema.

Full Concert Review

Sri.Sankaran Namboothiri commenced his concert with Namaami Vigna Vinayaka in Hamsadwani. It was announced to be Sri Krishnaswamy Aiyah's composition. The swift swaras that followed gave an impressive start to the programme.

Thyagaraja krithi Manavyala Kinchara in Nalinakanthi was the next item with good swaraprastharam. The Malayamaarutham raga alapana that followed was truly expressive of that raga bhava and Purandara Dasa's Smarane Ondhe Saalade was neatly rendered. Once again swarams for this third item in succession received a hearty welcome from the audience.

The Tamil composition by Suddhananda Bharathi, Thookkiya Tiruvadi on Lord Nataraja in Shankarabharanam was the sub-main piece. There was raga alapanai and the swaram were rendered at Eththanaiyo piravi. Narayana Theerthar's Ehi Mudam Dehi in Ananda Bhairavi was a crisp filler. The enjoyable lilting melody of Saravanabhava in Pasupathipriya by Muthiah Bhagavathar was the next item before the main number of the evening.

Madhyamavathi ragam was taken up for elaboration and Charulatha gave a beautiful reply for the alapanai. Song was Venkatesa Ninnu, a Thyagaraja Kriti. Neraval and swarams were for the line Bhagavata priya Thyagarajanutha. It was follwed by tani avarthanam by the two stalwarts Sri.Sudhindra and Smt. Sukanya.

The number of thukkadas that followed included a Sai Bhajan in Bhimplas, Jaya Jagadeheesahare, a Vadiraja number, Baro Murare Balaka Shoure and Deva Bandaa a Purandara dasara Devarnaama in Behag. Before concluding the programme with Mangalam, an Ashtapathi of Jayadeva in Vaasanthi, Raadhikaa Krishnaa and a thillana in raga Pahadi, a composition of Lalgudi Jayaraman were presented.

Sri.Namboothiri's deep devotion and love of carnatic music was apparent right through the presentation. His voice was sweet, powerful and flawless which kept the audience captivated for two and a half hours. The senior accompanying artists, by their impeccable performance also lifted the level of the concert.



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