Nadasurabhi Cultural Association located in Koramangala, Bangalore is in the forefront of promoting Classical Carnatic Music. Nadasurabhi conducts the highest quality music concerts every month and a week-long Annual Festival in November, free of charge to all rasikas. Our other events include a youth festival, Thyagaraja and Purandaradasa Aradhana, and music competitions for children.

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Annual Music Festival 2011

9.11.11 - 13.11.11 

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Nadasurabhi Annual Music Festival - 2011

Venue: Main Auditorium, St.John's Medical College Campus,
100 feet Road, Opp. Koramangala BA Complex,
Koramangala, Bangalore.560 034.

Photographs from the 2011 annual music festival:

Inauguration by Sri.Eswar Ganjam



 Sri. M.S.Gopalakrishnan being received by President Brig.N.H.Narayan


General Secretary Smt.Harini Raghavan reading the Citation



Felicitation Address by Vidushi Neela Ramgopal


Award of Sangeetha Surabhi being presented to Sri.M.S.Gopalakrishnan by President Brig. N.H.Narayan


Concert of Malladi Brothers



Concert of Sri.Unnikrishnan


Concert of Smt. Ranjani and Smt. Gayathri



Concert of Neyveli Sri.Santhanagopalan


Concert of Sri.Sanjay Subrahmanyan


Concert of Smt. Neela Ramgopal


Concert of Sri. M.S.Gopalakrishnan





6.00 P.M 




Malladi Brothers  

  • Vidwans Sriram Prasad and Ravikumar  Vocal Duet
  • Vidwan H.K.Venkatram                           Violin
  • Vidwan Tumkur B Ravishankar              Mridangam
  • Vidwan S.N.Narayanaswamy                  Ghatam




6.00 P.M

  • Vidwan P.Unnikrishnan                           Vocal
  • Vidwan Mysore H.N.Bhaskar                 Violin
  • Vidwan H.S.Sudhindra                           Mridangam
  • Vidwan Giridhar Udupa                          Ghatam



6.00 P.M

  • Vidushis Ranjani and Gayathri                Vocal Duet
  • Vidushi Charulatha Ramanujam              Violin
  • Vidwan H.S.Sudhindra                             Mridangam
  • Vidushi Sukanya Ramgopal                    Ghatam



10.00 A.M


Special Morning Concert on Muthuswami Dikshitar Kritis

  • Vidwan Neyveli Santhanagopalan            Vocal
  • Vidushi Charulatha Ramanujam            Violin
  • Vidwan Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma Mridangam
  • Vidwan Omkar Rao                                Ghatam



6.00 P.M

  • Vidwan Sanjay Subrahmanyan   Vocal
  • Vidwan S.Varadarajan                Violin
  • Vidwan Neyveli Venkatesh          Mridangam
  • Vidwan G. Guruprasanna            Khanjira




10.00 A.M


Special Morning Concert of Compositions on Lord Subrahmanya by Sangita Kalacharya

  • Vidushi Neela Ramgopal                   Vocal
  • Vidwan Vittala Rangan                     Violin
  • Vidwan Renuka Prasad                    Mridangam
  • Vidwan Ranganatha Chakravarthy   Ghatam 



6.00 P.M

Felicitation and Award of "Sangeetha Surabhi" to Violin Legend, Padmasri, Sangita Kalanidhi

Vidwan M.S.Gopalakrishnan

Chief Guest: Vidushi Neela Ramgopal

followed by Violin Trio Concert by

  • Sri.M.S.Gopalakrishnan
  • Kalaimamani Dr. M.Narmadha
  • Vidwan G.Suresh Kumar
  • Vidwan M.T.Rajakesari            Mridangam
  • Vidwan M.A.Krishnamurthy       Ghatam

Entry is free for all Nadasurabhi Programmes.

Donations to Nadasurabhi are entitled for exemption under Section 80G of I.T.Act.