Nadasurabhi Cultural Association located in Koramangala, Bangalore is in the forefront of promoting Classical Carnatic Music. Nadasurabhi conducts the highest quality music concerts every month and a week-long Annual Festival in November, free of charge to all rasikas. Our other events include a youth festival, Thyagaraja and Purandaradasa Aradhana, and music competitions for children.

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3 Day Youth Festival 14,15 and 16th February 2014

3 Day Youth Festival 14,15 and 16th February 2014
14.02.14 - 16.02.14 04.00 pm
The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala,BangaloreMap

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Youth Festival Review:


The three day Youth Festival of Nadasurabhi, Koramangala, Bangalore was a resounding success. The festival highlighted the talents of children and youngsters in Indian Classical Music and dance.

Day 1 - 14.2.2014

Group singing by students of Vidushi Chitra Srikanth. The chosen theme was manifestations of  Shiva by various composers. The children were well trained and did good justice to the compositions they sang .



 The second performance was by Vidwan Vinay Sharva, a disciple of Bangalore Shankar and Sri.Nedunuri Krishnamurthy. He has a good voice which he  uses to his advantage especially while singing  manodharma sangeetham. He started with viribhoni varnam in bhairavi, singing in two kalams. With a brief but nuance filled alapana of Mohanakalyani he sang Muthiah Bagavathar's invocation Sindhu Vinayakam. Next was Dikshithar's Panchashathpeeta roopini in devagandharam( also known as Karnataka devagandhari, bimplas).
 Next was detailed alapana of Subapanthuvarali which was melodious and brought out the entire gamut of the raga. Song chosen was Sri Sathyanarayanam of Dikshithar's. Good niraval and kalpanaswaras followed showing his  mastery over the layam. A breezy koluvaiyunnade in Devagandhari composition of Thyagaraja followed. Soulful singing of  Shyamasastri's Mayamma in Ahiri brought out the pleading of the composer asking the goddess  asto why she is not answering to his call.
 Next came the main item of the evening, detailed, melodious nuances filled alapana of karaharapriya. The composition taken up was the well known  Chakkani Rajamargamu. Niraval at Kantikisundara was good with niraval swarams.
 In the post main item section there were two compositions of Purandaradasa.
 Jaya kothanda Rama  in Pantuvarali sung in Madhya sruthi was a lesser known composition.Thamburu meeti in sindhubhairavi  and Muddhugare Yashode in kuranji (Annammacharya) were familiar ones. Janakiramana in Kapi was well sung.
 Smitha on violin gave a good  account of her manodharma in the alapana, niraval and swarams. She has good intelligence to anticipate and respond accordingly to the main artist. Prashanth on Mridangam gave good support and proved his grasp of laya well in the Thaniavarthanam.
 Vinay will do very well if he widens his repertoire and with that can be a  top ranking artist.

Day 2 - 15th February 2014


 First was group singing of Vidushi Sumitra Nithin's students. They had chosen to pay tributes to  a gamut of Vagyeyakaras . Theirs was a compact well trained group coordinating well with each other. They were also intelligent and quick to grasp the small help the guru was providing. They sang well in unison.



The second event of the day was a brilliant concert by Madhu Kashyap, a disciple of Smt. Neela Ramgopal who had full involvement in what he sang which made the concert a memorable one.
 He excels when it comes to manodharma sangeetham, be it a brief raga alapana, elaborate one, niraval and swarams.
 He started with varnam in raga Vasantha, singing in two kalams( the charanam and the swaras also). Brief but complete delineation of raga Amrithavahini followed by a less  heard invocation on Ganapathi by  Jayachamaraja Woodayar was taken up .
 Again a brief  but nuance filled Yadukulakambhodhi followed with the well known Hejjariga -a composition of Thyagaraja. A beautiful delineation of Suddha Dhanyasi was taken up with good rendition  Kamodham Chinthayami, a composition of Swath Tribunal. Melodious niraval and a brilliantly sung swarams. He used the concept of swara bedham, at Ga, Ma, Pa, and Ni bringing flashes of Mohanam, Madhyamavathi, Hindolam and Suddhasaveri. A fast paced Tolijanma in Bilahari and  Jampa thalam of Thyagaraja paved way for the main item of the concert.
 He took up Shanmukhapriya for a detailed alapana. As said earlier his total involvement brought out melodious nuances filled alapana. Ekambresanayike a composition of Dikshithar in Adi talam was sung well with good niraval and swarams which showed his mastery of layam.
 Purandaradasa's composition in  Misra Kamaj a  Tillana in Durban Kanada followed. An interesting and lesser heard Mangalam in Suruti of Purandaradasa brought the memorable concert to an end.
 Smitha again proved not only her ability to adjust to the main artists but also her own delineation of the ragas very well.S he could grasp the swarabedham concept and do justice to it.
 Adamya Ramanand on Mridangam gave good exposition of his lineage and mastery through out the concert more so in the Thani Avartanam.



Day 3 - 16th February 2014.

There was an exciting dance program by students learning under renowned Bharatanatyam couple Sri.Kiran Subramaniam and Smt.Sandhya Kiran. It was a well planned, choreographed and executed programme with emphasis on bharatanatyam with one of the girls demonstrated her skill in Yakshagaana.



The second programme of the day was the Purandaradasa and Thyagaraja Aradhana celebrations with the rendering of pillari geethas and pancharatna kritis. The group of led by eminent artist Smt.Neela Ramgopal and joined by her students and other vidwans and vidushis.




14th February 2014- Friday


4.00 PM          Inauguration of Youth Festival by

                        Sri. K.N.Anantharamaiah

                        President, BTM Cultural Academy, Bangalore.

followed by

Vocal Music by students of Dhwani School of Performing   Arts – will present “Shivadarushana” Participants: Chirantana, Javali, Nivedita, Shambhavi, Srinidhi, Suprita and Mridangam by Swaminathan            

(Guru Smt. Chitra Srikanth)




5.00 PM          Sri. Vinay Sharva.S.R                        -  Vocal

    to                 Sri.Vittala Rangan                                 - Vioin

7.30 PM          Sri.Prashanth.B.S.                              - Mridangam


Sri.Vinay Sharva is a disciple of senior vocalist Sri.S.Shankar. He is having advanced training in carnatic music from sangeetha kalanidhi Sri.Nedunuri Krishnamurthy. He is a graded artist of AIR. He has given numerous programmes in AIR , TV and various sabhas.


Sri.Vittala Rangan, a disciple of Vidushi Kanyakumari is a naturally talented violinist. Many senior artists choose him to be their accompanying artist due to his adaptability and skill.


Sri.Prashant is a highly accomplished percussionist who is accompanying many leading artists regularly.







15th February 2014- Saturday



4.00 PM         Vocal Music by students of  Natyasruti will present

          “Vaggeyakkaravandanam” . Participants: Abhiram,

           Ishvari,   Madhulika, Madhuri, Neeraj, Shreegowri,

            Vaishnavi, Vibha and Vikram.

                        (Guru Smt. Sumitra Nitin)






5.00 PM          Sri. Madhu Kashyap                          -  Vocal

    To                Ms. Smitha.H.M.                                -Violin

7.30 PM          Sri. Adamya Ramanand                        -Mridangam




Sri. Madhu Kashyap is a student of Sangeetha Kalacharya Neela Ramgopal. He has performed extensively in Chennai and Karnataka and has won several Youth awards. He is a B-High grade artist of All India Radio. He is also a successful professional in Information Technology.


Ms.H.M.Smitha is today a busy violinist who accompanies several senior artists on a regular basis. She has performed in AIR and DD on several occasions. She had dozens of opportunities in Chennai in the recently concluded Chennai Music Season.


Sri. Adamya is a highly talented mridangam vidwan and a disciple of Umayalpuram Sivaraman. He has been performing extensively in the concert circuits.







16th February 2014- Sunday



4.00 PM          Grand Bharatanatyam Programme

    To                “Nritya Namana”

 5.30 PM          By students of Rasika Academy of Performing Arts



The programme is choreographed and directed by Gurus Smt Sandhya Kiran and Sri. Kiran Subramanyam who are among the finest Bharatanatyam duet dancers that the younger generation of India has seen today.



5.45 PM          Saints Purandara Dasa and Thyagaraja Aradhana


Group Rendering of Pillari geethas and Pancharathna Kritis. Smt.Neela Ramgopal who has recently completed a course of Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis for Nadasurabhi students, will lead the rendition. All vidwans and vidushis are requested to kindly join to pay our tribute to the saint composers.


6.45 PM               Distribution of Prasadam


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