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Kshetra Darshan of Muthuswamy Dixithar

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Kshetra Darshan of Muthuswamy Dixithar
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Sri Muthuswamy Dixithar has visited many kshethras in South India as well as north India and has composed many songs on the presiding deities of that particular place. Those kritis  are composed with Raga, Bhava, of various Ragams and Sahithyas that suit mutually and aptly. That is how, we, the artists of today are able to explore many kritis in various Ragas and Thalas by the esteemed Trinities. Muddhuswamy Dixithar has composed many krithis on many South Indian ‘sthalas’ like Vaitheeswaran Koil, SriRangam, Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Mayavaram and so on. The knowledge one gets in learning these krithis of any particular place gives us a good picture of that Kshethra’s location, importance, the presiding deity and other Gods’ prominence and the other festivals of the Sthalas.

Vaitheeswaran Koil is one of the very important kshethras of Tamil Nadu. It is known as “Pullirukku Velur” in Tamil. It is located between the famous towns of Sirkazhi and Mayavaram. It is one of the Navagraha sthalas. Angaraka Kshethram.

The presiding deity is Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy, Thaiyal Nayaki – Easwar’s consort. Lord Vinayaka, and Muddukumara Swamy. This sthalam is sung by various devotees like,the composer of  Thevaram, Arunagiri Nathar (Tiruppugazh) Kumara Gurupara Swamigal, Ramalinga Adigalar, Kalamega Pulavar, Padikkasu Tambiran, Ramaswamy Sivan.

Inscriptions from the period of Vikrama Chola (12th century), the Nayakas (16th century) and the Marathas (18th century) are seen in the Vaidyanatha Swamy temple.

Dixithar has composed 9 kritis in praise of the deities in Vaitheeswaran Koil. They are:

1. Sri Ganeshath param – Ardra Desi – K.chapu

Meaning of the song : Who is there to compare with Lord Ganesha, embodiment of 36 thathwas beginning with Siva. Whose heart is devoid of the five kinds of activities like speech etc. Whose form is fully established and is worshipped by sages.

The elephant faced one visualised by Uma and Rudra. His form is worshipped by living and non living beings. He is adorned with white flowers. He outshines the Sun and is decked in yellow silk. Venerated by Brahma whose lotus feet are revered by 5 elements. The son of Lord Siva., who adorns the crescent moon and elder brother of Lord Guruguha.

2. Angarakam Ashrayamyaham - Suruti  Rupakam

Meaning of the song: I take refuge in ‘Angaraka’, the divine ‘mandara’ tree to the humble dependent devotees, the presiding deity of ‘Mangala Vaara’, Tuesday and the son of earth.

He is the Lord of cherished ‘Mesha’ – Aries and vruschika, Scorpion, shines with reddish form, wears the red dress, and is the bearer of the sword and trident. The auspicious one, with beautiful neck, lovely feet, bestower of auspiciousness, riding on the goat and whose highest apogee is ‘Makara Rasi’ Capricorn.

He is worshipped by Gods and demons, one with the face beaming and smiling. Bestower of wealth of lands and brotherhood, with red eye. Protector of afflicted, worshipped in the ‘Vaidyanatha Kshethram’ favoured by the three group of divine teachers such as divyowga, Siddhanga, manavanga, in the Srichakra worship and Guruguha. He is the friend of Surya – Sun, Chandra – moon and Brahaspathi – Jupitar. Shining with his good wife, with his hand on his knees, having four arms, he is quite extrodinary.

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